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pretty scarred


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I don't write much, alway read & all of you are in my mind, but my English is not good.

On Tuesday I will have my last chemo treatment (I think)Taxotere. and on the 15th, after Pet & cat scan they will give me the resoults and I am scarred.

I will be a 4 year survivor on the 9th. since they I was diagnose with Stage Ib. Everything was find until this September when in my check up they sow the recurrence, little nodes in the same side that I had the loboctomy & some limph in the mediastum. I was treat it with V16 & Cisplastin 2cycles & at the same time 36 of radiation, rest for 3 weeks & started the Taxotere 3 times, so it will be my last.

Looks like I am telling the story of my life, & thank you for lisen. I can not take this horrible thing out of my mind. I am 52 with 4 kids & 2 grand I will like to see them grow. The feeling of death is always in my mind & I will like to take it away so I can enjoy life alittle better.

I will stop & thank for all of you & this wonderfull site

bucky :)

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One of the things I have learned being a lc survivor is how to take baby steps. I don't rush into things the way I use to, and I work hard to NOT project the future. One day at a Time! That's the New Normal for a Lung Cancer Survivor.

You will never shake the feelings you have or worry you have over your cancer. BUT, as time goes on, you DO learn to live again and you DO learn to live as a LC SURVIVOR!

It seems we always spend so much time worring on will it come back, when will I die, How long will I have? HOw will my family survive? And that list goes on. What we really need to learn to do is Learn how to make short term plans doing FUN things, and enjoying life rather then dwell on death.

Bucky I am so glad to hear your a 4 year LC SURVIVOR! GOOD FOR YOU! Way to go! You have had some bumps in the road, as have I, and low and behold I got over those bumps and have once again decided to move on ward and up ward with my life.


We're here for you. We all have our down moments and we have our good moments. I love it when people come here and share there good times with us. We need POSITIVE and GOOD THINGS TO HAPPEN!!

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Your are a 4 year survivor. You have beaten it once and you can do it again. My oncologist believes that lung cancer is close to being treated as a chronic illness. That is we will live with it like diabetes to a ripe old age.

We have to try to concentrate and think of things that do not cause stress. Stress is one of our big enemies. Stress can lower our immune system and bring on disease. That is why it is so important to keep it at a minimum. One of my favorite bible verses is:

Mathew 6:27

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”

Now whether you are a believer or not this just makes good sense.

Every time those thoughts enter your mind, change them to some of those happy or funny thoughts of you and your children and grand children. Hang in there and start planning on being at your grand children’s college graduation.

Stay positive, :)


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Hi Bucky, I am sorry the scans showed new spots. But the good news here is that you made it 4 years before it came back. From what I've read, the longer it takes for it to come back, the less aggressive and slower growing it is.

Did the docs say what kind of lc you had?

The waiting is the worst, we all know. Prayers the chemo sent it packing. Prayers for good scan reports.


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Sending Prayers and Thoughts. I understand the fear of the waiting. HTink Positive. You got it once, You can beat it twice. There is so much going on medically and treatment wise. Prayers For Both of you Bucky And Alexan, and Family

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I think I sort of understand how you feel. Mine (stage 1B) came back 18 months after surgery and 12 mo. after last chemo treatment. I did it all again and now it's been 2 years since I had the 2nd surgery and chemo. I'm terrified everytime I have a CT scan, but not quite so much as I was shortly after finishing the chemo. The fear does diminish after a while - even when the cancer has returned once. Relax (if you can). Take a deep breath and smile. Smiling helps relax your whole body. Good luck and do let us know how the scan turned out.


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