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Avastin & Body/Joint Pain


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Hi Everyone: my husband is taking Tarceva 150mg daily and also Avastin. He has completed 2 cycles of Avastin and his body & joint pain seems to be worsening daily. He was told to take vicodin 1500mg every 6 hours but it does not seem to make much difference. He describes the pain as deep in his joints, similar to arthritis. He has no rash or other side effects from Tarceva so we're thinking the pain must be from Avastin. Has anyone else had this reaction and what did you do. Thanks


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I'm sorry you're having this problem. I do not have bad joint pain and am on the Avastin along with chemo right now. I'd probably call my doctor and see if it's normal and if so, how to manage it better. It's my understanding that Avastin is normally well tolerated, so I think it's worth making the call.

Best wishes,


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Hi Wendy,

I have been on Avastin since July of 2006 and I have not experienced any joint pain at all. I took avastin with chemo for four months and have been taking it alone, every four weeks, since December. I don't think joint pain is a side effect of avastin, at least not a common one. I think you should let your doctor know about the pain if you haven't already.

Good luck,


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