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When do chemo symptoms subside?

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My husband finished his chemo treatments about 10 days ago, and has been very sick ever since that final week.

He has severe edema in the arms and legs, weakness, body pain, nausea, fatigue, a rash all over his torso, SOB, and critically low platelet counts. He has had one platelet transfusion, and will be evaluated for another on Tuesday. He has difficulty just moving short distances around the house. He is becoming pretty depressed, and I am just trying to keep him focused on recovery.

Since he is now 10 days out from his final treatment, and there are no signs of improvement yet, I'm starting to wonder how long it will take him to recover.

I'm sure that others here have had some experience with chemo toxicity and recovery - any thoughts on how long it might take to get back to normal?


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My husband finished his last chemo treatment round on 1/4/07. We expected a considerable improvement the week he would have normally been back in chemo. The Nutritionist said that it takes quite a while to get the toxins from chemo out of your body and that it takes about the same length of time (generally) to recover from chemo as the chemo treatment took. So, in other words, if he was in chemo treatments for 4 months, it would take about 4 months to kind of be back to normal...??? I do not know if this is exactly true or not.

My husbands blood counts are just now starting to stabilize but he doesn't feel great yet. He is still low on energy and has to be very careful to not overdo it or he suffers for days afterwards.

I do not know if this helps you but it is all I know for now. Please pm me if you ever need to talk.


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Mary Colleen and Flower Girlie.

We have been on a roller coaster ride since Ger's last chemo. It was January 5th. He was good for about a week, then the pain set in, weight went down and he was exhausted. He had an appointment to set up for radiation on the 1st of February - however on January 26 he ended up in hospital. He had huge shortness of breath and was very weak. I called ambulance. Finally the doctor understands the pain level they have been adjusting for 3 weeks unsuccessfully - so if there is a pain issue with your guys - get someone who really knows what they are doing to do things properly - monitor it and guage it til the right levels are reached. As far as the shortness of breath - he had been coughing more prior - so the family doc thought perhaps disease progression. Of course no-one could go to radiology and look at the Jan 8th catscan and do a new one to compare - get on there butts if you think something is up. I should have. They thought collapsed lung caused it but the cancer clinic says no - embolism - not sure as already on thinners. I have written a note to my family doc to get this straightened out. Ger is still in hospital - he is on a small amount of oxygen cause he got the sh-- scared out of him so bad that he is now paranoid. We went to a cancer hospital hour and half from here yesterday for the appointments for radiation and had it all moved up - mind you it is short and palliative - another questionable move which I will deal with tomorrow. So I guess in the long run - he is still in hospital and I hate it and I miss him being home but he is getting the run back and forth for radiation - but he is nervous and insecure now cause of all of this. I have requested a respirologist and think that I will have to probably also get a psychologist. So lesson learned - stay on top of it. Don't assume and push for all the proper tests rather than a guess.


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Thanks to both of you - I'm sorry for all that you are both going through. At least I don't have young kids at home - I know that you both do. That's got to be so difficult.

My husband saw the Onc today. He has improved slightly (mostly, his pain has improved), but his SOB and swelling (of the ankles/feet) is still pretty severe. The Onc has him coming in for a PET and an EKG on Tuesday to try to determine what is going on. This is a little stressful, because I have almost no choice but to be gone on a business trip all of next week, so he'll have to do it all without me. I'm feeling terrible and very torn about that.

Hang in there, girls. PM me anytime, I'm always ready to talk or to listen.

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My husband had severe edema following 12 cycles of taxotere/gemzar. He gained 30 lbs and was very uncomfortable. :shock: He looked like a puffy marshmallow. We understood it to be a side-effect from the taxotere, but who knows. He did have an infusion of lasix once to help reduce the swelling all over. Then it was just a matter of time before all the swelling finally resolved. He also began having severe pleural effusions following that treatment, which ended at the end of last May. He still is battling that issue, but that too is diminishing. It took him about 1 1/2 months before he began to feel normal again. Your husband's body just needs a break to recoup and feel better. I hope he is doing just that and that he will come around soon.

Best wishes for his good-health to return.


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