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LCSC Reunion BASH 2007 -Chicago UPDATE


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Time to start thinking about this year.

Now that we have merged with LUNGevity, I'd love to have it in the Chicago area so that we can include the folks who I work alongside who are our angels in trying to find a cure for this disease. It's kind of centrally located, easy to fly in and out of (barring a snow storm :wink: ) and maybe we can work on getting discounted hotel rates.

We would have to schedule it as to not conflict with the upcoming walks and events so that everyone who can attend, can.

Anyone in the Chicago area want to volunteer to host this years LCSC Bash? I did it at my house last year- but this year without my mom, I just don't think I can do it on my own.

I can reimburse for food and drink (out of my own money of course)

Any takers?

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What a wonderful idea, Katie! I hope I can make it because I'm in desperate need of a Chicago deep-dish pizza -- haven't had one in ages (sigh). I would, of course, expect that there would be some sort of ticket charge for the day of magic in the making. LCSC bash? Priceless. Thanks for thinking of it.


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I am in the Chicago area (nw suburbs) but unfortunately I just don't have the room in my apartment and the complex doesn't have a club house.

I would love to help plan this and do whatever I can to help out if we have anyone that does have the room.

I could check into renting out a space if we can't find anyone with the space to host, checking into hotel stays...etc.

Please keep me posted. I'm excited just thinking about being able to have this party to look forward to!!!


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This is still up in the air...I promise to let everyone know something as soon as I do...since It's not going to be in my own "backyard" (literally) lol

then I am completely dependant on others!

I have gotten two great offers for residential locations...I am waiting to see what pans out, location/date, etc...

I'm hoping we can make this work!

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