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LCSC Reunion BASH 2007 -Chicago UPDATE


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I still need feedback from Chicago folks on when the best time to schedule this would be. I hear there are problems with the races and other yearly events that would make getting hotel rooms during that time difficult.

Would also like to hear from anyone with ideas on where we can host this as well.

I have my fingers crossed that we can organize something that will be great.

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Hi Katie,

I went online and looked for major events coming to the Chicago area and this is what I found.....

24th Annual Chicago Blues Festival June 7-10

27th Annual Taste of Chicago June 29-July 8

Chicago Country Music Festival June 30-July 1

Mayor's Cup Youth Soccer Tournament July 14-15

Chicago Air and Water Show August 18-19

I was thinking that all of us in the Chicagoland area could put our thoughts together and see what we could come up with. Although, I'm not even sure who all that involves or who would even want to be involved in planning this???

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Again, I am willing to host, with the thought in mind that we will most likely be just over the border in NW IN by then. Right now I am 20 minutes from the city. I can guarantee that hotel rates would be much more reasonable where we're moving :)

And beyond that, I have no issue with planning and preparing for it. I'm open to pretty much any date more towards the end of July, or any weekend in August.

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Just wanted to chime in here. I'm thinking about hosting too. I live in Joliet, which is about 45 minutes from either Chicago airport. We've got a big back yard, and a good sized house. I'm in the city, so there would be no band or loud music, but we can have a nice party.

NASCAR is in July and that weekend is totally out of the question because there are no hotel rooms anywhere around here, plus it's hard to get around, plus I will probably be working the race that weekend.

Weather wise, I think June or July are pretty dependable around here, but we need to find out when the ASCO conference is this year because LUNGEVITY people will certainly be there.

I also get seriously freaked out over my annual visit to the lung surgeon, which, this year is Wednesday, May 30, so that's probably why I haven't committed yet.

Could we Chicagoians possibly PM and see if we can get something together???? It doesn't have to be at my house, I would be willing to help organize if it were somewhere else.

Was also thinking about Sandy S. She's in the burbs here and although not active on the site much anymore, I bet she'd show up for a party.....

Tell me what you think. By the way, I went to Dallas to Katie's last year, and it was an occasion that I will never forget in my lifetime. To meet some of these great folks face to face was, as they say, priceless.

So, tell me what you think. I'm not sitting on the fence on purpose, I just haven't done anything about it yet...


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If we can get a date and location narrowed down then we can start the planning!!!!

I'm certain I will be in Chicago the weekend of June 9th, but that's a LUNGevity function. Maybe I can squeeze in a meeting with the "host" to help finalize things.

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I'd try to go if it works out with my schedule.

The big national oncology meeting, known as ASCO (American Society for Clinical Oncology), is going to be in Chicago June 2-6, and I'll be there all that time. Katie, you said you've got a LUNGevity function the following week. In a perfect world if it was possible to do it right after ASCO ends I'd stay after the ASCO meeting, where we'll be hearing new info come out on lung cancer (it generally gets saved until the annual meeting, where the breakthrough news all comes out). I could give people some of the highlights.

There would also potentially be a way to tie in to the momentum of the national onc meeting, since ASCO is trying to connect more with patient advocacy efforts. I think it would be great to try to build the bridges between the doc side and the patinet side, working toward commmon goals.

I could also look into whether a company or two might be able and willing to sponsor it and provide a room and some food at a downtown hotel. It wouldn't be as personal as having it at someone's home, and I don't know if it would be feasible, but I think many companies would like to try to make an effort to provide support to patients for things like this.

-Jack West

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OK, Give me a date! I must request my summer vacation by March 1st! Hurry. This sounds great. Connie, are you coming. Maybe I can get Sandy to go, she has grandchildren just outside Chicago. I'll drive if someone will navagate.

Donna G

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For those of you wanting to visit and experience Chicago, there is nothing that would compare to a downtown hotel and what Michigan Avenue and the lakefront has to offer.

Sure, it wouldn't have the personal feel of a house party, but it certainly would be a Chicago experience, rather than coming to a house in the suburbs, which is fine but not Chicago-like except for the fact that we share the same weather.

I guess it just depends on what we want to do, but the downtown hotel and a corporate sponsor would be really outstanding.

And, early June is usually a pretty nice time of year here.


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----->> Just keeping this topic HOT! We are going to work something out and as soon as we do I will update everyone on the final details.

We've had some really difficult losses since the last LCSC bash (july 2006) it's time to reconnect, meet other members and celebrate HOPE.

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I've been in contact with Erin and have let her know that I will be able to help in the background with any planning, food, etc. I can't commit to having it at my house because, well, I just can't commit to ANYTHING :shock: with Tony's treatment schedule and how he is feeling from day to day. Don't want you to think I won't help though. If I thought it would be a "liquorless" party, I'd check on booking the clubhouse at our Memorial Park -- but I don't think this group is going to party down without the drinks! :lol: We are closer to the city then some of the other sites mentioned, but still 40+ minutes out from downtown. Keep us posted as to a date Katie. Anyone please feel free to pm or email me for coordination efforts.


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