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I must be a vampire...


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...that's the ONLY explanation!

I had a doctor's appointment today, a blood pressure check for a medication I'm taking. I didn't get the bloodwork beforehand; I misplaced the order, imagine that!

So, I see the doctor, she wants me to get the bloodwork before I leave the compound... Okie-dokie. Mark's been sick and wasn't with me and I SOOOOOO love needles. I go to the lab for the draw...

...and I sit in the chair...

...and I tell the guy filling out my paperwork that I'm a hard stick...

...and I tell him all the stuff my favorite phleb. told me about my veins, how they roll and they're deceiving in depth...

...and he looks for a good vein...

...checks the other arm...

Still looking for a vein...

Decides on the left arm, gets out a butterfly needle and the vacuum vial...

...and misses.


No blood when he pulls the needle back out, either...

Tries again, same arm...


He gets the more experienced phleb. and she has a go, starting with the opposite arm.


Second try, back to the left arm.


"You're not kidding." (Uh, no, I'm sitting here, quietly, while you're pricking me...why would I lie?)

She pulls out a pediatric needle, smaller than a butterfly, and pokes again. She found some little feeder vein, took FOREVER to get half a tube!

I must be a vampire...

Sure hope that blood reads well and my "cocktail" gets switched up to be more effective...but I'm sure not looking forward to the test next month! (It's a monthly thing, blood work and pressure test..)

I hate needles.


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Becky, that sounds like one of my visits for blood work at my oncologist's office. There was one lady that always seemed to be "my" nurse. She couldn't hit a garden hose much less my veins. Now I make sure I get my blood work done ahead of time at my PCP's office. There is ONE girl there that has the knack. Took almost 4 years to find her but there is someone out there that can do it.

Hope you get some sleep tonight.


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My sister, Nancy, fought SCLC for 11 months and died in 2001.

I flew to be with her once every other month as she lived in California and I live in IL>

I was with her for her last 2 weeks of the fight.

You would have loved her..................your spirit and hers are identical............


She always said.............

Cancer she could handle.................

The needles were the hell...............and she meant it.

All the rest was nothing compared to the needles for her.

I love you.


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Becky, your scenario was played out many times with Lucie, especially in places other than the chemo room. The lady who took blood in the chemo room knew what she was doing, and used butterfly successfully every time. We would tell the other people, just like you did, what needed to be done, and they still did it their way until they realized that wasn't going to work. Glad it wasn't just us. Don

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I have the same problem. I was told that if I did that exercise thing with a ball of that squeezey thing that it would help to build my veins back up. You know I think it might be working because I can see the veins on the top of my right hand and not my left hand. The right hand is the only one that has been exercised. Who woulda thunk it???????????


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Hey Snow,

You sound like me. I never let them stick me w/o

a pediatric needle. It works everytime. Had the problem before I was dx and got worse afte dx.

Take care


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You are a stitch! Tony did the heating pad thing after awhile to raise the veins. Always a butterfly too. If we were outside the Doc's office at the hospital, they would screw up every time. Apparently he has many chamber type things in each vein, so it's hard to get the blood.

He would always sit quietly too, but I always threatened to bring a camera to capture his wacky facial expressions as they were stabbing him. He also is a needle-phobe. The only time he had any real problem was during one of his thoracenthesis. The lung specialist was talking about needles (and that's a long one) while she was doing the procedure. He almost passed out. Now she gets it and laughs and says she'll never talk about needles around him again.

Hoping for better luck next month for you!


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