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Getting to Know You - January 30


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Since it's freezing cold today. let's talk about cold weather/comfort food. What is your absolute favorite food to eat on a cold day when all you feel like doing is curling up under your blankie and getting warm.

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Well, if I was still living in Tennessee, like Tina and Bruce, I would be having a hot tamale with chili and crackers....better known as a full house. But...since hot tamales aren't available here in Florida (not the Mexican type of tamale) I'll have to go to the next best thing.

Now, that's hard to decide, as I like so many types of food. I would have to say a big bowl of chili with cornbread crumbled up in it and raw onions on top would be my favorite. Mac and cheese would run a close second!

Kasey...I like the idea of wine and chili. I usually have a tall glass of cold milk with my chili but I think I'll try wine the next time!

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Mark's Alfredo sauce, shrimp sauteed in butter and fresh garlic, and a big toasted baguette to dip in the sauce...why bother with the noodles??


...and something chocolate and sinfully delicious to follow it.

Cripes, I need a Snicker's fix now, just thinking about it!

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