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My husband is in the hospital - update 2/5

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Thank you again for the thoughts and prayers....

As far as how Carlton is doing, much better! ...he's talking more, not the potty mouth, but he is still agitated, I think it's mainly from the steroids and the fact that Carlton absolutely hates hospitals!

Also they moved him upstairs to a private room, alot less chaotic, I know that with alot of stimuli, it definitely upsets him. He had a cathadar(sp), awful!...but its' out, no restricted diet and he was able to walk better with the help of only one person!

But, and I hate buts, comes the other side, first he wants to come home, but not yet, so he takes all of his anger and frustrations on me! ( you always hurt the one you love!).

I also met w/ his oncologist yesterday, and not such good news, he looked at the initial reports of his MRI he had yesterday and it looks like the brain tumors have grown, thus causing all the trouble.

we ( onc. and I ) had a long, private talk yesterday, he's concerned about the girls and I, we wants Carlton to go to rehab for about a week, to let him recover more and give me a chance to rest and put things together.

In the right now, chemo isn't going to happen, because it appears that the etoposide didn't help this time around. He discussed whether or not, the decision of quality of life versus quantity of life, like a prolonging of life w/ chemo, but causing his quality to be low....

I hate this, drs, social workers, visiting nurses, hospice, rehab.....

No matter how hard I thought I was prepared, this has so thrown me for a loop.

..but as Carltons' abilities are coming back, it really is up to him in those moments of clarity and competence.

..one day at a time....

I am so overwhelmed by all of you with your support and prayers, I can't articulate with the right words how I need you all so much and you are here for me....it's a great comfort.



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Beyond the compasion that wells in us all each time we hear of your story, I for one want you to know that with each post you are also helping others.

To learn that others are going thru things that have simularities, that others may struggle with decisions and just the coping of emotions is an on going blessing. I hope you, one day will know that thru all of this you have been a big help to others in your honsety and love. Just as you have to me.

Still praying,

Beat it!!

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It's amazing isn't it, how one day things can seem like they are going one way, and the next things seem semi normal. Emphasis on semi. Carlton sounds like he is fighting like hell. I think that counts for so much!

My sis and I are going through a very similar time right now.

You and your family are in my prayers. YOu are a strong lady!


Marco Jo

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I'm praying for,Grace. Yes they seem to hurt the one they love,cause they trust us and know we can take it. J ohn didn't talk to me for about 2 weeks,cause he wanted to go after the big truck 1000 miles away. So he did get better after ahile. I acted like a duck and left it all run off me. My heart go's out to you,I know each step we take we don't know how the ground is going to feel. But you will make it cause you also have your beautful girls. God Bless,we are here to hear you out and help if only with words. Prayering

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