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My Poor mom


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Hi all,

Been a while since I posted here (months in fact). A quick update:

Read signature first.....

My mother last received chemo in June (Gemzar/Carbo). It did shrink the tumours a little and her side effects were almost nill. So from that point of view it was good. Then they wanted her to have 2 months off to recover and start Taxol.

Well it's 3 months already and treatment hasn't started. She has had to transfer to a new town and the red tape that follows has delayed treatment. To make matter far worse in the last month her health has changed for the worse. From being fairly healthy and energetic - she has become weak, tired and lost a huge amount of weight (size 18 down to size 12!). To add to this she seems to have great difficulty communicating. She mumbles a lot, says odd things, mixes words up, forgets everything and even has a problem understanding what you are saying. Sometimes its not so bad and sometimes it is terrible.

What is going on here???? She is not on any kind of medication.

She saw the oncologist who has referred her to another specialist and she is waiting for an appointment. However it seems they have decided against Taxol now (probably she is too weak). We are fighting for her to try Iressa but it is not approved here in the UK and difficult to get on the National Health Service.

Your comments guys?



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