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Best News Ever


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I can not believe the news my sister's oncologist gave us today, She is total clear of tumors! NO CANCER 8):D:wink: We knew the CAT Scan showed good things, but to hear the words your tumors are gone........Dear Lord prayers do work! To think just a few short months ago most of my family ..........I won't type that thought. We realize this is not over, but No more tumors. To everyone I've been in contact with here at this wonderful site thank you for the support and encouragements. This place has helped my family and I know it will continue to help us. So any of you who have doubts believe. Lori

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You just made everything wortwhile again. This is wonderfully extraordinary great Fantastic News to hear. I am so happy and thank you for restoring some faith in the system and the Power of PRayer :lol::):D:):lol::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

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I'm really still in a daze about this. Today we made appointments at several of my sister's doctors. The Radiologist and the Doctor who put in her port. That will take some time because she is on coumadin. The road to getting her strenght back looks long :lol: but we are on it! Bill will be right there soon enough. :wink: Lori

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