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It's a...and other updates

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Boy! And I am now almost 24 weeks along!

Jeannine is on her third admission to the hospital since January 1st- Thia time for shortness of breath, coughing, chest pain- They thought she had pneumonia, and treated her for it, although it doesn't seem that is really it. They will drain some fluid tomorrow. The docs seem to think it is her lung tumor acting up. She is in the middle of chemo-(topotecan). They aren't sure yet if it is working. It has been three weeks of it so far, and it seemed she had instant relief at first, but now I don't know. She is in a lot of pain. They may stop chemo and do radiation...

On a positive note, her friends are some incredible people. They created a group called Team Jeannine to help raise funds for all of her bills etc... They just put up a website www.teamjeannine.com. It is so moving to see people come together and take action out of their love and respect for her. There is a spot for her to blog, but I'm not sure if she'll be up for it. We'll see.

Looking for the best in the hard stuff. Cancer sucks, but people don't...

Marco Jo

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Congratulations on your baby boy! I remember having my ultrasounds and finding out the sexes...with my b/g twins, my husband saw one was a BOY right away...and he had to show my how he knew :oops: This time around, I could tell right away we were having another boy!!

I hope things go smoothly for you from now until his arrival. Please keep us updated on this and your sister. She sounds like she has an incredible support network--not least of which includes her wonderful, thoughtful sis.

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The ultrasound pics are funny- I feel shy about showing them to people- very revealing!

As for my sis, she is still in the hospital. They are going to try radiation on her lung tomorrow. We were hoping she would come home today, but the doc is concerned about her stairs.(20 leading up to her apt.) So she may have to stay in the hospital for radiation. :(

She is having a hard time getting up and brushing her teeth etc right now, so the stairs are pretty daunting. I wish I was a big guy so I could carry her, but I am a petite pregnant girl!


Marco Jo

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