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Time to Rest


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Well the 6 rounds finally caught up with Mom. She is having severe swelling in her legs. They ruled out a blood clot and now think her viens are just shot from the Chemo. Her SOB has increased too (another side effect of Gemzar--go figure). So Dr. Wu told Mom to take 8 weeks off of treatment. It is a welcome rest. No pills, no blood draws, no weekly visits to the hospital....just a bit of "normal" life without medical intervention back in our lives.

Mom is scheduled for a port in 4 weeks and then a CT scan 6 weeks later. In the meantime we pray she remains stable and is able to recover the strength and energy she needs to finally kick this cancer. Of course if her symptoms worsen during this respite, chemo will resume eariler.

We will be looking at Taxotere or Alimta during the next phase of treatment. Your experiences with either drug would be appreciated.


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Hi Candy,

I'm sorry your mom is having such a rough time right now; hopefully, the rest from chemo will do her the world of good.

You asked about Taxotere and Alimta and I just wanted to let you know that Dr. West has a post regarding those 2 drugs on his site onctalk.com.

Personally, I had quite a few doses of Taxotere. It gets rougher to handle with each dose, but in my case it really knocked the life out of my tumor.

Good luck to you and your mom.


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Sorry your mom is having so many problems. My dad just finished his second round of Alimta. He had some fatigue after the first round and major fatigue after the second round. He seems to be bouncing back again though. That is the only side effect he has been facing. He gets one more round on the 13th of February and re-scanned in the beginning of March. Wish I had more information for you.


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