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headaches = brain mets?


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I've had relatively minor pains, but more like "pangs" at a couple spots in my head. I just finished chemo and am on Traceva and Avastin. My last brain MRI was in August and it was clear, since then I've been on chemo and everything shrunk so I wasn't too worried about the ole' noggin, but now I'm a little worried.



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This exact same post has been made by many many members over the years I have been here. Time and time again they go for a brain scan and it is fine. The same thing happened to John. I don't know how fast brain mets grow but since you were fine in August I would bet it isn't the cancer--but I have no license to practice so you may want to check with your doc on Monday. :lol:

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It has been 2 years since my last MRI and I am having heahaches too. I think it is probably sinus pain or general headaches from the dry heat etc. I still asked for an MRI and got it Wed. I should hear from it next week. I am actually not worried (she says) but I want to hear those words "empty headed" just in case.


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