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rambling... and asking for prayers.


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Well for 4 months now I have pushed this out of my mind, really just because I don't think I am strong enough to deal with it.

It all started with ME and MY health problems. I lost my insurance last year and my looong time boyfriend was applying for a new job (WITH BENEFITS) leaving his business to make sure that I would have health coverage. We decided after many years together to get married. He had to go for a pre employment physical and x-ray. WELL the xray showed a growth in one of his lungs. One x-ray view showed 8mm nodule another showed 10mm. It didn't stop him from employment but we had to wait 3 months for his insurance to kick in to be able to go for a pulmo appt to get a ct ordered. His appt is on tuesday and I'm sure they will order a ct. I am just TERRIFIED, more so than having my own nodules. I'm scared the ct will show it's bigger and it's been 4 months since it was found. While with my own nodule hell I know in my mind it is probably just granuloma I can't help but feel sooo scared. I lost most of my family to this freaking cancer and Tom was there to help me thru it all and I am trying not to show him how terrified I am. PLEASE just say a prayer that it will be gone or have not grown. Thanks for letting me ramble.

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I am devastated for you. Of course you are just out of your mind with fear........and I understand it. Now when we use actual reason, we know in most instances things will not be the worst case scenario, don't we? But using reason, sometimes, just isn't really an option.....at least not in our household. I will say fervent prayers that all is good for Tom. And I often wonder how your own nodules are since your Profile seems outdated. Let us know how YOU are too. Much care and positive vibes being sent your way, Lisa. Be sure to let us know.


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