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Should I or shouldn't I ???


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Hi ya'all...

Hope everyone is doing well or doing better...I'm OK ..BUT...went for my 6 month chest exray today and before it was done...I told the tech I needed a copy cause my appointment with the surgeon is next Monday and I wouldn't have to came back for it....She said...fine...So she did the exray...and then you know the plan...(sit in the room till she reads it)..she came out and said...Ok Pam..your done..just wait in the waiting room until the radioligist reads the film and someone will bring it out to you...

So I go to the waiting room...and I'm waiting and waiting...(had done this before and never waited long for the film)...then out comes the tech...and sit's down next to me...

Well I almost fainted already...and she day's..."Pam ..we have a little problem"...MY HEART SANK TO THE FLOOR....she say's...'the radioligist was called out on a emergency biopsy and won't be able to read the film till tomorrow"...

sigh...I am such a wimp!!!

So I will go pick up the film tomorrow...and my question is...should I or shouldn't I look at the report......but thought I would ask anyway..

God Bless You All...your the greatest...Sorry I don't post as often as I should...but I do read and just don't know what to say sometimes...but believe me...each and everyone of you...caregiver's included are in my prayers every single day....praying and hoping for a cure....hugs ...PamS..

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I would say not to read them because even a clear xray somehow sounds tragic by the time they finish with the medical lingo. :shock:

However, I know you probably will, just like I would. Just remember not to get stressed over what you read, it probably means nothing.

And for the love of God, please don't look at the xray, you know you have no CLUE what the hell you are looking for.... :lol:

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I would read it. I always ask, even after the doctor has told me about it, to get a copy of the report. I read it and make a copy of my copy and give that to my PCP so that he and I both have a copy of all of my reports from any test. Someone has to keep up with all of it and it might as well be me and my primary doctor.


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I wouldn't read it. Debi's right, they talk about all kinds of misc. nonsense when they are interpreting films.

I went into a full blown panic attack last year when I talked to a PA on the phone over CT results. She said, "Did anyone ever tell you that you have a cyst on your liver?" And, "Your lungs are fine, you'll get the full report from the doctor when he reviews it himself, I'm just reading the report and I'd like you to calm down for the weekend."

CALM DOWN, what's this cyst thing? And, of course, I'm reading everything into that comment that the doctor will give you the full report. What a miserable weekend that was! I, like a nitwit, just said, "ok, thanks Amy," instead of asking any questions. That would have saved me three days of worry.

When the doc called Monday afternoon, he said,"Your CT is fine and I'll see you in a year."

Bottom line is, liver cysts are commonplace. They are easy to distinguish on a CT from something problematic. But, I didn't know that at the time. My doctor knows that I'm the kind of person who gets nuts about these things.

Others would disagree, but I have to not look at reports and put my faith in the guy who has seen every chest x-ray and scan that I've had and has actually opened my chest and taken the tumor out of there. That's just how I survive this.

Having said that though, I don't know how I could be in the same room with an x-ray and report and not read it......But I think with us, comparision to previous films is the key, and unless you have other films to compare with, it probably won't mean much.....


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The last time you read the report you put yourself into a panic. WHY would you want to do that again? Do you know what your looking at when you read this report? You really need to let the doc's do there job and you need to sit and wait the best you can my friend. Your making a job out of this, and you go through this every time. Please do NOT read the report. Your reading way to much into it.

Personally, I don't think you should even get a copy because of what you put yourself through when you do get one. Just food for thought. I'm sure your going to be fine. You know we are all pulling for you. One day at a time! POSITIVE, POSITIVE, and MORE POSITIVE! Coming your way.


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I had a chest xray. I was surprised at how advanced they are now-the way they show up on the monitor. I asked the tech if I could look at my lungs on the xray screen monitor because I had not seen a picture of my lungs since my lobectomy. I was surprised at how my lungs looked. They looked as if there was no lobe missing. Looked normal as far as size goes. I saw several white spots on the xray. I asked what the spots were and the tech said that she was not qualified to read the xrays she took the pictures. I went home and immediately got on the computer and pulled up pictures of diseased xrays and I saw the same results on the computer that I had seen on my own xray in the radiology lab that morning, you know spots are spots. Got the results from my doctor=NED. Long story short. You can worry yourself sick being hypervigilant, but to answer your question. YES, I would read it, because I could not help but to read it. I am looking forward to your post with your continued NED results.


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I'd read it, but know that I shouldn't. You probably will.................so just know many of us are paranoid too. I actually read a report AFTER the doctor visit and being told all was good. The lingo sounded terrible to me, so I promptly called. Of course I was wrong.......turns out what sounded 'bad' was just what one looks like after having part of a lung removed.......NORMAL!!!!!!! Learned my lesson!

Good luck and let us all know when you find out you got a GREAT report!


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Sorry you are going through the torture of reports right now. I'd have it open aleady in the car as I always do, but that's just me! (I only play a Doctor, I am not one in real life. :D ) That's not to say that I haven't been in a total panic over "that huge lit up spot in Tony's lung" and had to be told that was his HEART! :wink: X-rays are funky and my reports even sound scary and I'm not the one with LC.

Go with your gut and I'm keeping everything crossed for good results for you!

Warm regards,


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Thanks for the answer's you guys....hmmmm....some say "yes"...some say "no"....

I know if I read it...I would be in a panic...I know if I don't read it...I will be in a panic...six of one and a half a dozen of the other...grrrrr!!!

My appointment is not till next Monday...and if I could hold out that long...I don't think I will read it...cause I didn't like the last one with all that medical jargon and the doc said I was 'fine'...Think I'll hid it in the furance room...ha..I'll let 'cha' know...

Debi ..Connie ..Jan..you all know me too well...gulp

Have a great nite...hugs to all


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Pam, your going to do what your going to do no matter what anyone here says. I just think you might want to get the report AFTER you meet with your Onc Doc rather then before. Try and make this easy on you.

If you read this report, and you read something you don't understand, then what will you do?? Do you have the skills to read these reports? IF there is something on this report that sounds fishy, then will you have to wait to see your Onc Doc to get the straight answer?

Put the report away. You don't know how to read them and you add to your panic when you do. YES??? NO?????

We tend to read into thigs that AREN'T THERE! Because we're NOT DOCTOR'S!

Let it go and let the doc do what he get paid big bucks for doing.

Your going to be FINE! FINE FINE FINE!!!!


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I get all of Alan's reports prior to his Drs appointments.

I highlight all the "stuff" on the reports and the DR. sits with me and answers my questions.

He even comments on how I probably have the reports before he does :roll:

I am on a need to know basis. Alan's knows I get his reports and will ask me what they say.

Prayers for only good news

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