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House of Cards- Tuesday Update


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My dear friend....Now is the time for me to 'jump YOUR bones'...Now just STOP IT...

Why are you thinking like that??...I know ..I know ..you are going to say..."look who's talking"...Yes I do get paranoid over tests and scan's...but no way am I going to think...'this is it"...You have told me before..maybe in different words...that if ever there is a situation...we will deal with it then...Soooo... so be it!!!

Please Debi ...think positive..you have made it over 3 yrs with another 53 to go with no problems..thank God...Think about how wonderful it is going to be with your beautiful son with you and think about a new job which ever one you chose...a new truck...'da woiks"..Think how wonderful it is and what a gift God has given you to be so talented...Think the C is gone for good...

My dear friend...I wish you the best of luck in you NEW journey...and try not to turn back time and think of the other journey....It's gone..it's over..You will be fine...I feel it in my bones...:wink:

luv ya kiddo....Pam


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Well, thanks for all your encouragement, support and good wishes...

After numerous unreturned phone calls and messages left to get my test results starting yesterday, I finally got in touch with the nurse this afternoon. :? I asked her for the results and she said that she thinks she remembers my results coming through, at least one of the tests, and that she thinks everything was okay because it would most certainly have stuck in her mind if it wasn't because usually it does and if I didn't hear back from her within an hour, everything was fine. :shock: Since I haven't heard back, I'm assuming either I'm okay or she lost my number.

One of my regrets with possibly moving to Ohio is leaving this great medical care behind.. :wink::D

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OMG I'm so behind on posts and so lost! First, CONGRATS on things being good with you medically! :)

And new job opportunities and moving??? LEAVING ME?? :( We never got to have lunch yet..:( I'm so excited for you! so much going on!

You still have my number?? call me sometime after 2:00 if ya can!! :)


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Debi, I don't know how I missed your post earlier, but I did. Maybe your life is starting to turn "charmed" now! Delighted about your results. I'm not surprised, tho.

Glad your son will be joining you in OH. So, it's Bye Bye Boomer Sooner, huh? (BTW, our youngest son, 3 at the time, sang that **** song all the way from Norman to Madison, WI.)


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