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Well here it is after midnight and I'm hours away from sleep. My husband gets a ct on Monday and I'm as nervous as a kitten. He has been suffering terrible joint, bone and body pain. 1500mg of vicodin every 6 hours doesn't hold the pain so the onc says we're to pick up a rx for oxycontin on Monday after the scan. She's also scheduled a bone scan for Wednesday and we'll get the results of both when we see her on Thursday. His new chemo regimen of Tarceva and Avastin has been very hard on him and I just don't understand it as most of you who have had these drugs have not had the side effects that he has had. Do any of these side effects sound familiar? Is it possible that chemo enhances existing arthritis pain? Is it possible that it has spread to the bones so quickly? I used to enjoy roller coasters but this is one roller coaster I would gladly get off if it were possible.

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Jitters are normal when waiting

for a test and the results.

Did you have something suggested

to help at those times.

People react different ways to

chemo, the joint and bone pain

usually is very bad with people

that already have arthritis or

arthrosis, the oxycontin should

help a lot, just be careful about

regular dosage, very hard to reduce

after you are started on it.

Wishing both of you the best for



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John is having bad joint pain also and we are wondering if it is the Avastin. Someone else posted something about Avastin and joint pain. He did not have it on Tarceva. Good luck with the scans and let us know what happens.

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Thank you all for responding. Sorry I couldn't respond sooner but my modem decided to quit on me yesterday and had to pick up a new one on the way back from Orlando. Anyway we went to Orlando for the CT scan & picked up a rx for oxycontin and another for loratab for breakthrough pain and already he's feeling better. Ry, I had posted a question re joint and bone pain a few weeks ago so that might be the post you were thinking of. The onc didn't seem to think anything of the pain. The primary side effect of Avastin is body pain, so I guess that's what's causing it. The next scan is Wednesday for a bone scan & we get the results on Thurday. Thank you all again.


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