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Remembering Dave

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I caught the first catfish this year for me. Today is the first time I have felt good enough to go fishing on the Mattaponi River. We live high up on the banks, a cliff actually, with 80 steps down ( and 80 steps back up, which is the hard part) of this beautiful river which has been declared one of the cleanest most pristine rivers on the east coast and there are some good catfish in this river. It was only about 3 pounds well maybe 2 (it was thiiiss big) but I still got some good fillets off it. I hope feel good enough to fish a few times a week. Of course I overdid it and am now ready to keel over from exhaustion but it was fun. I was diagnosed in March and when I went into the hospital it was still winter here and the week I was in the hospital everything turned green. I walked out of the hospital and just stared at the trees and all the flowers around the hospital and then the summer was taken up by the chemo and the radiation treatments so to be able to go out on the boat---by myself---was a tremendous experience. I think I am slowly getting better and I am so ready to get some energy back. We are going to try and go to the State Fair tomorrow and then to the West Point Crab Carnival on Saturday so I had better get off here and get to sleep. Hope everybody had a good day. My prayers are with us all.

David C[/img]

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David -

Sounds WONDERFUL - I can just picture this river and you there fishing from your boat!! How great that must be - to be able to walk out the door and fish when you want!! The steps would prove a challenge, but it sounds like it is worth it!! Many more tiring and satisfying fishing days ahead!! Enjoy your weekend!!


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Hello all, I still have not eaten that catfish yet. You know andrea I think that fish was actually 5 pounds, ha,ha. Thank you for all your replies. We made it to the State Fair and let me tell you our little girl, Faith, Had so much fun. I had to sleep until noon to get over my litle catfish expedition the day before and then We took Faith to a surgeon to have her extra thumb and a nasty scar on her hip looked at. She was born with an extra thumb which they told us about before we went to China to get her and then about 20 minutes after she was handed to us we changed her diaper and found this really nasty looking, freshly healed, scar on one of her hips (actually on her butt cheek ). When we asked what happened we were told that she received a shot which had become infected and they had to operate to get the infection out. No Dr. we have talked to about it knows of any shots you give a baby in the buttoks so we really don't know what happened. When we got her home and over the next few months the scar just kept getting bigger and bigger so we want to get it fixed so she can wear a bikini when she grows up....HA, like Daddy's ever going to let that happen!!!!!! Back to the Fair. Faith was mesmerized by the entire thing. She was really good and only had one little 2 year old tantrum and that was right before we were getting ready to leave after she was really tired. She rode a Pony, petted Goats, Sheep, Cows, and she touched evey single Bunny in the Bunny house even thoough you were not supposed to-did not see the sign until we were on the way out......oh well. The pony was the only ride she went on but we figured she is a little young for most of the rides there anyway. I had a Corn Dog with yellow mustard and an Ice Cream cone which is not really on the Anti-Cancer Diet but hey, it's the State Fair, right? I woke up with cramps in my thighs about 20 minutes ago, thats what I get for walking around the Fair for 4 hours. Today we are going to the West Point Crab Carnival. West Point is a little town where the Mattaponi and the Pamunkey River meet to form the York River which goes down to.....Yorktown and the Chesapeake bay. It has a little downtown area and they have have arts and crafts and a few little rides, bands playing and a firemans parade. It is a nice small town carnival. There is a paper plant there so I hope the wind is blowing in the right direction or I may not be able to take it. It is awfully hard to breath that sulfer. Well enough rambling. I really enjoyed the day and the Good News is I spent a wonderful day with my wife and my precious baby girl.

David C

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How about some soup??????

Even if this thing takes me at an early age, I will still be grateful for the new gift and insite it has given me about the simple things in life. A CATFISH..look at the pleasure derived from that!

A catfish. A river, a Fall day, a SPRING day..even a blasted snow storm..all of it is good.

"Enjoy Every Sandwich"..and let the gourmets THINK they are having fun. Just nod and smile..you are way far ahead of them.

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