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Surgery next Tues on R leg AGAIN!!

Cindy RN

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Well I am doing fairly well now 2 mos into remission (Love that word), I was putting lotion on my legs and felt these rock hard bumps on my r ankle. This is where they fixed my leg I broke last Feb with a plate and 7 screws. Went to the Dr and had an xray and it showed the screws were backing out. Now I have to go in and have them removed. :shock::shock::shock: Dr said it will be under a general and should only take 10 min. then I can go home after an hr or 2. Now I wonder how long before I can walk again?? Last time it was more than 6 weeks. Hopefully it won't be that long again. I will keep you updated afterwards. Love you all. Cindy

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Cindy, so glad you are doing great! Sorry about your loose screws. That does sound funny. Hope Sam is right and you will only be down a few days. Don't forget to tell the dr as you are going in to have it done that you only have screws loose, don't amputate.haha

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Hey Cindy!

HIP HIP or in your case LEG LEG HOORAY ON YOUR TWO MONTH REMISSION!!! WAY TO GO GIRL!! I'm laughing at everyone else's comments. TO TOOO FUNNY!!! We're all a bunch of comedian's now and then. :wink:

Take care and GOOD LUCK ON TUESDAY!! I'm sure you'll be up and around in no time. It'll be a cake-walk for you! GOOD LUCK!! I just want you to stay CANCER FREE!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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