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The New York walk coordinated by our very own "bunny" in happening in MAY!! That's just a few months away!!

Your help is needed!!! If you are near the NYC area and want to help in anyway, PM me or Bunny so that we can make this walk a huge success!!!!

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Thank you susan!! I sent your number to the coordinator! I also removed it from this public forum for your own safety so that you didn't get some crazies calling your number!!

Come on NYC folks!! We still need you guys!!!

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I am thinking that our NY folks contacted Bunny directly since we aren't getting any responses here (except for TWO) ???????!! LOL.

Bunny has the date- May 20, and the permits!! I am sure she could use all the help she can get to make this a success!!!

I am hoping to be able to go in May if I can afford it. Let's make the first NYC walk a success!!

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Hi Katie! I met with Aimee (Bunny) and a few others a couple of weeks ago, so we are moving along. We can always use more help though. Thanks for looking out ....

Sorry for the late answer. I'm just getting back to the boards after weeks of not being able to (crazy time at work).

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It's been forever since I have posted but I wanted to be a part of this. I emailed the person in charge. I just wanted to say hi and that I read from time to time. I am so sorry to hear about your mom Katie. My heart aches for you. It was just my mom's 3 year anniversary on the 15th, and I tell you I miss her like crazy still. We were so close .:( I just miss her so much lately, more so than usual. I will definitely attend this walk and try to advertise at my gym in long island. Last November I ran the NYC marathon in honor of my mom. I ran for Sloane Kettering hospital specifically for lung cancer research. I raised $12,000 for it. It was an amazing day. I know my mom was with me that day.

Katie, my sympathy is with you.

I think of you all often.

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Hi Deanna,

I've thought of you so much too. I hope you are doing well. I've missed you!

We are in desperate need of some folks to volunteer so that we can pull this together.

If you are in NYC and can help in anyway at all, please PM me or e-mail Cate directly at chuetter@lungevity.org

We NEED you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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