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Found this tidbit this morning


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Hi guys, still here. Busy with the return to the classroom.

Found this online this morning:


New study shows a correlation between sleep, stress, and cancer. After this third round of cancer, I put myself into therapy, feeling very strongly, that my body reacts to stress by growing tumors. 2 1/2 years later, I still believe it to be true for me.

And the sleep? Absolutely. Bodies cannot heal themselves without good sleep.

Stay well


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Hi Gail, I read this article also and it's amazing how many things I can look at now that probably helped produce the lung cancer in me. I worked crazy hours for almost 15 years. Up at 2 am some days and 3 or 4 am other days. I did not sleep right most of my life to begin with. I still have trouble and I am often up during the night. Between that, a whole lot of stress at work and in my personal life, cigs and a few other bad things going on, it is no wonder that I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I think it's a miracle that I am alive today. Now all we need is a cure for this stinker, or at least more effective, and kinder more gentle treatment.

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In the journal Psychosomatics 44:1 (2003) Hjerl, et al - there is an article about the association between depression and death in breast cancer. They showed that for early-stage breast ca, depression was associated with higher risk of dying, but not for late-stage (maybe because the prognosis is not as good anyway.) They used a very conservative definition of depression: psychiatric admission for depression. Maybe if they used a more liberal definition of depression, they'd find a stronger relationship. Interesting stuff.

I agree wholeheartedly, Gail - self-care is crucial! Good, restful, sleep is essential. I am a huge proponent of massage, meditation, breathing exercises, self-hypnosis, Tai Chi, hot-tubbing, exercise, whatever it takes to nurture you! Self-nurturing makes anyone feel better, and it may help beat the ugly beast into submission. Be good to yourself. We all should.

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