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I'm home......


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Hi everyone...I survived my surgery :lol: and have lots to tell all of you but I think it will have to wait a few days. I just got home and as you all know, I'm really sore and weak.

I just have to tell Connie that I couldn't imagine heading into surgery with a happy go lucky attitude like she suggested, but I did! My hubby and kids told me I was so goofy I was pulling on my lips, stretching them out and saying "I can't kiss you because I can't feel my lips, but I love you all!" It was nothing like I was fearing it would be!

Talk to you all soon. Thanks again for your prayers and thoughts.

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Another big welcome home from me too, Nancy! And a giant 'WAY TO GO, GIRL'!!!!! You are awesome, indeed! What wonderful news to hear you are home and doing well enough to even think of letting all of us know! This calls for high-fives all around!


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[nancyf267] Hi everyone...I survived my surgery...It was nothing like I was fearing it would be!

I had the same experience with my thoracotomy last year. The medical descriptions and some of the personal accounts I'd read on the Web had me prepared for the worst, but it was a piece of cake compared to my expectations. There was never any pain when I was lying or sitting still, just when I moved in certain directions or had to cough. Even laughing was no big deal! I tossed my Percoset a couple of days after coming home and found that regular OTC ibuprofen was more than enough (I should add that I'm not particularly stoic or blessed with a high threshold of pain).

I think a lot of the credit for good surgery outcomes should go to the anesthesiologists and the modern tools/medications available to them. They're an underappreciated group in my opinion, and their preoperative consultation is at least as important as the surgeon's quick visit.

Glad you're doing well, and remember that pillow! Aloha,


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Wecome Back Nancy. I've been thinking about you this last week and I am so happy to hear it went well. :)

Kick back and enjoy the vacation. Remember, full recovery requires that you eat lots and lots of chocolate, ice cream and all those goodies. And the hubby is supposed to buy you lots of valentines roses. :)


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Welcome Home Nancy!!! (((((NANCY))))))

I'm so GLAD all went so well for you! :wink: This is just AWESOME NEWS!! It really does help though to go into that with a sense of humor and a positive attitude. As I always say, "I never say never" and you proved that you could go into this with a smile on your face and some happy in your heart! :D It's just GOOD MEDICINE! ((((NANCY)))) I'm SOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!

Welcome back!

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Welcome back, Nancy! Ahhhhh, the wonder of drugs....

Remember to surround yourself with pillows and prop yourself up in the recliner to sleep...it's nice to have some kind of furry critter to cuddle with and keep the stress level down, too.

Hope you have a speedy recovery!

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