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Prayers Needed Please


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My mom is having a terrible week. She had chemo on Monday and all the good feelings and faith she had have gone away and have been replaced by despair and anger. So many people ask for prayers, for their loved ones that are suffering from physical ailments and I feel that my mom's struggle is not as tough right now as others because she is handling the physical side of things ok. But her emotional spirit is suffering and I ask all that read this to please say a prayer for her that her spirit will be restored and that her attitude and fight to beat this will increase ten fold. Thank you. God Bless! :D

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Denise, prayers on the way. It's hard to keep the spirits up when you just don't feel good and, of course, there's always fear in the background. Tim's onc put him on Paxil about 3 weeks ago and I notice a difference in his attitude. If this continues, look into an antidepressant.


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Denise, from what I have read over the last 2 months on here, many folks get the blues with chemo. Though she has every right to feel angry and full of despair, I tend to think that negative thoughts don't help and have a friend who swears by the positive attitude/laughter route. Try to rent some funny movies this week and give her a chance to just escape into silliness. The laughter will do her wonders.

It sounds like you are a spiritual person. Have you ever run across that story called "Footprints"? It was one of my father-in-law's favorites and it kept him feeling hopeful throughout this whole journey. I will immediately say a prayer that your mom will be reminded that the Lord is carrying her right now with his arms of neverending love.

God bless_

Karen M.

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Your mom is in my prayers everynight. That chemo can depress anyone. Being hooked up to a machine for a number of hours each week or whatever the case only give one the time to dwell on their cancer...

Hopefully when the treatments are done, she will start to feel great and know that what she went through was worth it. She sure is a lovely lady on that picture.

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