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Frankie Lamb- 2/08/2007


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Hi all:

I am so sorry to have to bring everyone this update, but Frankie finished his battle here on earth this morning at 8:45 am.

May the spirits of earth, wind, fire and water embrace and support him on his new journey. For me his spirit light will shine forever.

pattie darin

Frankie's sister

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Heavy heart and heavy sadness for the family and for us--we have lost a dear, dear part of us.

His spirit will shine always. His spirit will stay here with those of us who continue with our own beasts.

He showed us spirit and courage, and lived a full life until his last breath.

I am comforted to know he has joined up with those from here who have left us prior. I do find some comfort in that. I especially see him with David A and Bob Mc. Can't you all see the fun they are having?


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I am so sorry. I feel a tremendous loss I can't even imagine your families loss. Frank is now free of this cancer beast, He can have all the beer and chocolate donuts he wants. I will always remember his amazing fighting spirit, wonderful sense of humor, and astounding compassion and support.

My deepest sympathies to Connie, Pattie and the rest of the family. You all remain firmly in my prayers.

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I'm just so sorry to hear this.

I'm reminded of a song by Brooks and Dunn...a line in there comes instantly to mind.

"If there was ever anybody who deserved a ticket to the other side..." Frank, god speed to you.

You are really going to be missed.

Praying for you, Pattie, and all of your family during such a difficult time.

Warm Hugs,


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OMG, I'm so sad. Tears are flowing as I try to express myself. Franks family should be so proud of him as we are here, as well as anyone who's ever met him. He certainly won't be forgotten by me and the fight he fought and tonight I will raise a glass of beer with a choc donut in memory of Frank. I would love anyone who would like to join in,, let me know what time would be good!!!!!


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I started this note trying to be gentle, but that is not how I feel. I am angry. Very angry. Frank’s courage and humor was an inspiration and it is not fair that he be taken from us. Damn this disease. I can only imagine how his family must feel. I hope they draw some comfort knowing how much we loved him as well and that we share their grief.

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At this moment, I cannot express my grief or words of compassion. But when Joan mentioned the beer and chocolate doughnut, it reminded me of something.................is it not the time for another candle vigil tonight? Maybe 9:00 eastern? Or even 10:00? We will need sooooooo many candles to even begin to eqaul the light Frank is shining with. What do you think?

:cry: ,


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I am so sorry to hear this, it is something that I have been hoping I would never have to read.

Frank was always my supporter, and my cheerleader. He always was ready to lift me up when I needed it and memories of his friendship will continue to give me strength when I need it. He will never be forgotten by me, but will be remembered every day.

My sympathies to you, to Connie, to the rest of Frank's family and to his friends. We have all lost a very special person.

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We have lost too many wonderful people to this dreadful disease. Frank was especially wonderful: his humor, his support for all of us here, his caring, his deep love of his dear Connie and their family.

We have all dreaded this day and I am thankful that Frank, either himself or through Patti, got to share this last part of his journey with us.

I will light a candle tonight and I will offer a prayer and a toast to one hell of a man.

May you rest in God's arms and may your family find peace and comfort in knowing how well you were loved and respected.

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