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Maybe this is a silly question but is chlorine safe if you have been recieving chemotherapy? It seems like my mom's skin is a little more sensitve these days. I am trying to plan a family getaway to a resort after she completes her treatment but want to make sure it will be safe for her to use the hot tub/pool. Any thoughts?

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About one year after diagnosis(while receiving chemo) my mom treated the grandkids to an overnight stay at a hotel with a pool/hot tub. She didn't have any problems with the pool chemicals, although I will say she avoided the hot tub, and took breaks from the enclosed pool area because it exacerbated her SOB. She did not complain of skin problems from pool chemicals.

The second year, her disease had progressed and she was on O2, but still wanted to do the same thing. She sat with the door ajar because the humidity and chemicals really compromised her breathing, and she did not go into the pool at all that time.

Regardless, you should check with her doctor first.


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First there are no silly questions. I am probably the wrong one to ask, because I am anti-chlorine in any form. I don't drink water with chlorine in it. I installed a filter system that takes all chlorine out of the water for the entire house and I have a pool that does not regularly use chlorine. Chlorine is a carcinogen. It is just one of the things that I avoid. There are many articles on the effects of chlorine and if it has any effect on cancer or not. I just play it safe and avoid it.

Stay positive, :)


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