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Can anyone tell me the answer

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Saw my dad today,he can't get warm,the heating is full on. He has hot water bottles around him and a cover over him. Mum got him a warm hat to wear,as they say you lose so much heat from your head.He looks so weak, and just wanted to go to bed. It must be his circulation is not working. Am I right? Sonia UK

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My husband is also cold a good bit of the time. I have actually been wearing a teeshirt around the house because he is keeping it so warm and it is cold outside. He has been wearing 3 layers of clothes and sometimes puts his coat on. I have wondered if part of it is the lower level of activity because his energy level has been so low during chemo and now radiation. I hope your dad doesn't have something else going on but it sounds like it is order to mention this to his doctor.


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To my knowledge, this is a side effect of treatment -- whether it's blood count related or not, I'm not sure. Our chemo center always had a host of heated blankets for patients -- I always had to put several on my mom during treatment and get her extra warm stuff for every day. Not really sure that it's a circulation issue....more a side-effect issue.

When in doubt, ask the onc. so that you are not staying concerned about this. There may be something more medicine can do to help alleviate the cold discomfort.


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