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Check Up Today....Stable


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We saw the oncologist today and got the news that everything is stable with some minor decrease in tumor size in the lung. There might be a problem with his right femur and he's to have an MRI next week to find out what's going on. The onc didn't seem too concerned about it. He has complained of severe pain in all his joints since going on Avastin and she feels the Avastin is excaserbating (spelling?) existing arthritis pain and the hip may be just more arthritis. Also not drinking enough fluids. Thanks for all your support. I believe I'll be sleeping a little better tonight. Thanks


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Sounds like positive news to me! I know my hubby experienced pains in different parts of his body that were unrelated so hopefully it is OK. (But I see that it is, so YIPPEEEE!)

It is so hard to stay rested and not anxious in between tests and check-ups, huh? I can not stand that anticipation!

Hang in there! We are here for you.


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