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The book "Second Guessing God"


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There was post in this section some time back recommending a book called, "Second Guessing God" by Brian Jones.

I can't seem to locate the post (it's probably right in front of me, as is usually the case). I wanted to say thank you to whoever took the time to recommend it.

I swore off any form of "self help" book many years ago. And this book is anything but that. It's really helped me to try to see the big picture, while still knowing it's okay to feel that "it's not fair" and to express feelings of doubt, despair, anger, fear, etc. It also makes me laugh, and that's always a good thing. :lol:

Once again, thanks. Hopefully someone else who didn't see it the first time around might see this post and pick up the book for themselves.

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I think I found your post at just the right time. Today my mom found out her dad has lymphoma. Honestly, as if she isn't going through enough right now. I just don't understand what more could go wrong. :cry: I have ordered the book off of ebay. Hopefully, I will be as inspired by it as you were and will pass it on to other members of my family. Thanks again for mentioning it as I did not see the original post.

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