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having symptoms? should I put him back on decadron?????


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Hi, everyone, My husband was diagnosed the beginning of dec with sclc with mets to brain and liver. We have had 3 rounds of chemo etopside and carboplatin?

In January we had 10 days of WBR. finished on the 14th. The doctor said to gradually bring him off steroids from 4 a day stepping down gradually, He has been steroid free for 2 days, Besides feeling really miserable, we just had chemo yesterday, his vision is really bad today, that is one of the symptoms that led us to the doctors before our diagnosis, since treatment it has cleared up some, not clear but not seeing double all the time. The radiation doctor said to watch for symptoms and re start him on the decadron back to the dose that kept him symptom free. I'm really worried about this development he also says he feels some mild pressure behind his eye but doesn't want to go to the hospital, his beginning dose of decadron was 2 4mg. tablets 2 times a day. Is this what I should go back to? I am watching him very closely he said he is not in any pain and just like most men keeps saying he is just fine and is working on his computer as usual.

I guess i'll stop rambling now, this whole thing just sucks!! I've really gotten alot of comfort from this board and I thank everyone it is good to have contact with people who totally understand what you are feeling

Thanks again, Loretta

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I would go to ask the expert and Checka and see if you can get a response from Dr West. You amy also want to try the Oncology dept at Cancer treatment facility to be on the safe side. Call the center there should be an Oncologist on call. Then try Dr. West.

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