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Hello All! I'm new here.


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I am so glad that I found this site! I'm a 34 yr. old non-smoking female and I was diagnosed with NSCLC Stage 3 or 4 (depending on the doctor I ask) last October. I was shocked when I first got my diagnosis and was incredibly angry but have since managed to get through some of the anger and now have the stance that I'm going to fight with the last breath in my body to beat this thing. I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful kids...a 6-yr old son and 2 yr daughter. I have had a rather tough week. After 5 cycles of chemo-Carbo/Taxol/Avastin it was determined via a scan last Monday that the tumor hasn't shrunk and I have developed a Pnemothorax. Since there was no shrinkage in the tumor it was decided to abandon the last cycle of chemo and go on to Tarceva. I will have to wait for the Pnemothorax to go away before starting Tarceva. This journey is what I like to compare to a roller coaster ride. I don't know if I will be up one day or down the next. I don't know what's coming around the next corner. I just have to go on faith. It is comforting for me knowing others are fighting the same battle and even more comforting knowing some of you are beating it! Thanks for reading this. It was good to get it off my chest!

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Hello and welcome~

Although I am very sorry you had need to find a site such as this, I am very glad you have posted and joined this wonderful family.

I cannot personally offer much advice for your situation but I can tell you that there are many, many wonderful and knowledgeable folks here that will be along with tons of wonderful suggestions and advice.

You will find a lot of hope and encouraging stories in the Survivor forum as well as the Good News. You might like to check out the NSCLC forum too.

Please keep us posted on things and let us know how we can help. We are always here and willing to do whatever we can.

My best to you


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Sorry you have to be here. I know this journey is really hard with little kids, but they give me determination too. We have a lot in common it looks like. I'm angry too, but determined to fight as hard as I can.

I was diagnosed in October also, but I'm definitely stage 4 (bone mets). I tried Tarceva, but progressed, so moved on to the chemo with Avastin, which seems to be working. Hopefully we'll be opposite and the Tarceva will work for you. Best wishes for some fast shrinkage for you.


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Welcome to the site, it sounds like you have the right attitude. Tarceva has done a lot of good with many of us. Let’s pray that you will have very positive results. You are right it is like a roller coaster, but it is important that we do every thing we can to take each turn as it comes and smooth out the ride so that we keep the stress down. Stress is one of our enemies.

Stay positive, :)


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I am also a non-smoker, diagnosed at 34. As of tomorrow (2/10), I will be four years cancer-free. I was Stage IIIa.

It's a definite mind trip wrapping your brain around the information. You have to accept the fact that you have been diagnosed, and then you can move on to fighting it. I am NOT saying accept defeat and don't even try, just digest the diagnosis and get on with kicking it to the curb.

The sheer terror does begin to ebb some once you have a plan and begin treatment. Keep researching, as well. I am not sure if you are a candidate for surgery, but if you are, be SURE your oncologist speaks with the radiation oncologist so you don't end up with too much radiation to get through the surgery. There is a limit of rads and then the surgery option isn't an option any more.

Put on your big girl panties and deal with it. It is what it is, you just have to rein in the terror and hop back in the driver's seat.

Best of luck to you!

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Welcome. You will find a lot of information and support here from terrific people who;ve been there, done that. My husband has been on Tarceva and Avastin for 6 weeks and already the disease is stable with some minor shrinkage. It is indeed a terrible roller coaster but that is all part of it. Some days are good, other days not so good. Good luck and God Bless


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Welcome. It always hurts me to see people as young as you diagnosed with this awful disease. The kids will keep the fight in you, though.

I'm one of those who is doing really well on Tarceva, and I'll say a prayer that you'll be another.

Stay strong and keep us posted on how treatment is going.


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Hello and welcome. I am so sorry you have to be dealing with this awful disease, but it sounds like you've got the fighting spirit and that will take you far. I too have young children and I know how difficult it is at times, wondering if you're going to be around to see them grow up. But your children will help you get through this, they are a constant reminder of why you have to get up everyday and fight.

I hope you have much success with Tarceva. There are many here for whom it has worked very well. Good luck to you.


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Hi, and welcome to the LCSC. In spite of a 2+:1 age difference and some minor details such as gender, our situations have a lot in common (see my profile below).

My latest CT scan was after 6 cycles of Taxol/Carbo/Avastin -- the masses/densities/lesions had stopped decreasing while the side effects (primarily from Taxol) had continued to build, bringing me to a point of diminishing returns. As I understand it, for patients who have good early results from this combo therapy (e.g., you and me), the crossover of no further response to the chemo but steadily increasing side effects commonly occurs after 4 to 6 treatment cycles and signals the need for a change at that point. In my case the onc recommended stopping the Taxol/Carbo but continuing the Avastin at 21-day intervals, in hopes the Avastin would at least keep things stable for an extended period while I recovered from the toxic effects of the other two drugs. Other possibilities included switching to another IV drug such as Alimta or to an oral medication such as Tarceva. But we'll be holding those options for later, when and if follow-up scans show the cancer has started to progress on the Avastin-alone treatment.

In your case, the choice of Tarceva makes a lot of sense because you're in a patient group (female never-smoker) that's had excellent response from Tarceva. You didn't mention your NSCLC cell type, but if it's adenocarcinoma, so much the better. Here's a discussion on Dr. West's onctalk.com website about that:

http://onctalk.com/2006/11/18/is-tarcev ... nt-groups/

I'm not familiar with how your pneumothorax relates to the delay in starting Tarceva and what could be done if it doesn't resolve quickly. That might be a good question for Dr. West (he replies very promptly) and would give you good background for your next discussion with your own onc.

My best wishes and Aloha,


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I am so very to hear of your diagnosis. May you and your family be strong and win this barrle.

There are a number of treatments available, so they do keep changing you based on the effectiveness. I wa on Tarceva for the last two months and just had my CT. I get results Thursday and am hoping they'll be good. Tarceva is a fairly easy chemo - pill, not infusiona and generally manageable side effects.

If tyou have questions, list them here and you'll hear what our experiennces have been.


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