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U Guyz are the 1st to know!

Gina D.

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Haven't even told my Mom yet!

Got my first CT scan results back from my 6 month check up after surgery.

The radiologist says I am boring..NED! NED! NED! Nothing unusual (Cept for my staples) or suspicious anywhere else..had the full body thingy done.

Oh..wait..there is a 12mm cycst on one of my ovaries..been there for years. I am not using those anymore anyway :wink:

I am going to go change my underwear right now! I was just a bit happy to find this out.

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That's Coooool Gina, so happy for ya, 8)8) , Just kinda wants to make ya jump up and down and shout "HELLO WORLD" :D:D:D

NOW, tell your mom!!

God bless and stay well and may they all be like that!

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Thanks! I am so happy I could just..well..never mind :wink:

I think the cyst is a good sign actually. I had forgotten it was there. It has bothered me off and on for over 20 years, but hasn't in awhile. It was originally found when I had my cervical cancer. (Which after 20 years, I am still clean of..think I need to worry anymore?) :lol:

It is a good sign meaning the radiologist caught it, which means it is unlikely he missed anything in my lung, if it presented itself. The cyst is small be LC standards. I believe this same radiologist originally caught the lung nodule. He reported the nodule as 1cm, but when it came out, it only measured 8/10ths of a cm. I think this guy is pretty danged good, and I will do everything I can to have my tests run at Corona Regional in Corona California. Hope he works there for awhile.

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Hi Gina,

Sooooo happy to hear NED, yahoo...... I have been meaning to e-mail you, but was in Corona Regional Hospital for pnemonia. You had asked who my doctors were, Onc is Dr. Evangelines Reyes, in partner with Dr. Jangiani, Compassionate Cancer Care, 900 S. Main Street. It's across the street from the hospital. Pulmonist is Dr. Yang on Magnolia in Corona. Prime Care of Corona is the medical group. Who are your doctors and who is the doctor at Corona Regional?

I am so happy that you are doing so well. "Awsome News" Maybe we can get together for lunch or something here in Corona.

God Bless and prying for a "Cure" for all of us.....


P.S. If you want to private e-mail me that's ok.

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Thank you again everyone! You are all such an inspiration..and FIGHTERS!

karen335 ~ It's a small world! Jhangiani is my onc, tho I have been getting Wetter the past couple times, and I have seen Reyes too for some, er, boob issues :wink: and Yang is my pulminologist too! My GP is Jasmine Leong, the sharp radiologist at CRegional is James Tagle. I think we have a really good team! Even if it is podunk stinky Corona!

Hope your little stay at Corona Regional was successful and you are done with them!

Lunch is good! Been to the Panda Buffet on 6th yet?..great food and perfect for those on a cancer or Fender budget! I will PM you!

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Just got back from a camping trip to Bumping Lake so am late with my cheers for your great scan...I know how that good news feels!!

Keep it up, girl! We want to be the recipients of your zany sense of humor for many more moons!!!

Love and hugs.

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