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14 months.. just surreal.


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It was 14 months ago today that Brad lost his battle with this damn disease. I miss him every single day, his humour and wit and his insight. Some days it feels like yesterday and other times it feels like forever.

It does become the norm, but the loss and pain and anger never seems to completely disappear. Someone told me that feeling the pain is not always a bad thing as it serves as a reminder of the impact our lost loved ones have had on us and our lives. In some ways that makes sense.

Praying daily for all of us here that the cure will be found and no one else will have to suffer through this horrid disease and that we will not have to suffer the losses of anyone else.


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Everyone says it takes time, but I totally understand what you mean. It has been nearly a year since I lost Mike and I find I am still waiting to live. I always feel something is missing when I have an event to share and I realize Mike is missing... I shared everything with him.

God Bless you chris. We will all keep praying for the cure.



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