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Getting to Know You - February 11


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It's so hard for me to post in this forum, since Frank was the one that asked me to jump in here as a moderator with him, after the GTKY questions were a problem in the general forum. But...in honor of Frank, I think we should continue on.

So...the GTKY question for today is.....

Do you always stop to pick up a coin (even a penny) when you see one lying on the ground?

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First of all Ann, Frank would be the first person to tell us to continue here.

So, oh yes, I pick up any coin.

And speaking of found $$$:

I have been cleaning my office, shredding so much my neighbors think I am a bookie. I found the whatsamacallit that I used on my trip to hold my passport, airline tickets etc. I found $170.00. See ya, going to the mall.

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