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Starving Students Dip recipe


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This was posted on the Taste of Home message board. I sent it to my niece in college. We had a good laugh out of it!

You're on your own to try it! LOL!!!


Starving Students' Dip

20 sm. pkg. mild sauce from Taco Bell

20 sm. pkg. tartar sauce from Long John Silver's

10 sm. pkg. soy sauce from the nearest Chinese restaurant

10 sm. pkg. honey from KFC

Misc. samples from mealtimes at the school cafeteria

Mix all ingredients well to suit taste.

Serve with tortilla chips picked up from a Mexican restaurant or any other restaurant that has chips on their buffet or offer them at the table.

Clearly, the inexpensive nature of this appetizer will make it a favorite with destitute students for years to come.

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