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FInished radiation


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Mom's finished with her 30 radiation treatments and 3 of 4 cycles of chemo. I have to say I was worried about an 83 year old going through concurrent radiation and chemo, but she's been handling it remarkably well.

THe plan is to hold off on her final round of chemo until 3/2 because she's starting to experience the radiation associated symptoms (esophagitis and fatigue) and since those symptoms may increase over the next 3-4 weeks, she didn't want to hit her with another round of chemo next week.

Mom's psyched about that!!! SHe's really been a trooper!! She had been a bit tired, but is still getting out with friends and enjoying life. I think not having to make the drive into Boston (45-60 min each way) daily will feel like vacation. ALthough others do the actual driving, it's still tiring.

THe current plan is to have a chest CT 3/2, meet with her medical onc and NP and start her final round of chemo for this cycle.

I know she's excited for the scan to see how she's responding to treatment. As so many others have said - that's the really scarey time. I'm hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst - I think she'll be so disappointed if there hasn't been improvement. SHe's been working so hard at all of this, it would be a horrible blow for her not to see some result from that.

she's been so positive throughout her treatment, and so sure that she'll come out of this OK, I just hope we haven't lulled ourselves into a false sense of security.

Oh well, I guess there's nothing that can be done about that execpt to continue to hope for the best - what will be, will be.

SOrry, I've babbled for awhile - I do have one more question

Regarding the radiation symptoms - now that she's finished - I know the symptoms will persist, but do they get worse after radiation is complete??

I share all your stories and insight with Mom, and she really appreciates all your help. So, from both of us, thanks for all the support and help


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Good for Mom! What a fighter she is!

Radiation keeps working for about 2 weeks after the last treatment. After that, she should see steady improvement day by day. It's important to keep her hydrated and to make sure she keeps getting nourishment. Sleeping is really good, too.

I'll be praying for only the best scan results. Good luck to the 2 of you.


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