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Snow? Cookout sounds good!!


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Very clean looking for a cookout. Not sure about putting the plates on top of the snow, though. How 'bout I eat inside this time?

All joking aside, it needs to quit already! We would be completely at a standstill here in TN for days.

Can you build a fire and roast marshmallows?

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It's been snowing here since before dawn this morning.........not quite as deep as where you are though, Pegggy! And I'd LOVE to picnic with ya :wink: ! Fred has even offered to cook up the steaks.........and for all you HEALTHY folks ~ he's great a grilling veggies too!


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It looks like that here in Western PA, too. After last night, an ice layer from the sleet, and today MORE SNOW! Yuk. Am home from work for the second day though - YEAH for snow days! My boss called a little while ago to officially cancel our Board meeting today. (EVERYTHING is closed around here!) Bring on the warm charcoal!

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Our deck is starting to look very similar. Up to 26" forecast by tomorrow morning.

Our driveway has already been plowed and will be a couple more times before it's over, the first time is to let Richard out and the second time is to let him back in and the third will be to finish cleaning it up. (Richard drives a 4X4 off road truck so go figure!)

A skiers delight for President's week.


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Peggy...Ya think you can send me a little snow down here in Florida? We keep getting the cool temps from all of the storms you guys are having. It's cold one day here and then in the high 70's the next day. That's the reason we had all the terrible tornadoes. It's supposed to be 73 today but this weekend the high temps are supposed to be in the very low 60's. I would love to come to see you and have a cookout. Can you imagine what your neighbors would say????

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