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PET Scan-Cisplatin/Gemzar not Working


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I just received the results of my PET scan after two cycles of Cisplatin/Gemzar and my Adrenal Gland nodule is higher in intensity than it was on the last PET Scan.

Even more concerning is this: Interval new hypermetabolic activity corresponding to small anterior medistinal soft tissue density and fibrotic changs in the right upper lobe may be due to inflammation. However, malignancy cannot be completely excluded. Serial radiologic follow up is recommended. A new focus of Interval increased activity corresponding to calcified soft tissue density in the right paravertebral region can be inflammation or phsiologic esophageal activity.

My oncologist seems concerned about the lung and is talking this over with the radiologists. I have an appointment at Memorial Sloan on Tuesday and my oncologist was calling them as now the debate is what to try next. I'm very discouraged because Paclitaxol and Carboplatin did not work either.


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Of course you are discouraged hearing this news, Lilly, It is the nature of 'what is' now. Some days we feel it difficult to remain positive and in the fighting spirit............BUT somehow we call upon our reserves and do it because we must.

There are MANY more options, Lilly. You go to Sloan and get all your info. There are so many protocols for 3A that you can keep going for a long long time. I'm just sorry you have to.

Will be praying for this very next one to be THE one for you.


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I'm sorry tohesr your news is not good. I had initial success but have not been as fortunate in the last couple of tries. Tomorrow I find out how Tarceva has worked...I'm hoping.

Hang in there. There are so many drugs available and new ones come up everyday.

Good luck.


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I'm so sorry this treatment wasn't the right one, especially after it's been making you feel so bad. Try to focus on the positive - how you're still working and taking care of your family. I'm happy to hear you have an appointment at Sloan coming up, and I'll be praying that they have a great option for you. I know it's hard, but try not to be too sad. Like everyone has said, there's still options and still hope.

Take care of yourself,


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I know it must be hard not to be discouraged right now, you have every right to be. This news is really, really lousy. I am praying that the doctors at Sloan come up with a new plan that will be the thing that turns everything around for you.

There are still many drugs out there to try, we've talked about them. Take time this weekend to regroup and on tuesday you'll come out swinging again.

You and your family are in my familys thoughts and prayers always. Hang in there.


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