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Hi All -

Got a letter from my doc today on my operation. I see him Thurday. but I wonder if some one can clarify - but with pulmonary lymphatic involvement in the following statement - Thanks everybody -

Stage I B non-small cell carcinoma with no lymph node involvement but with pulmonary lymphatic involvement

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I think it means that the lymph nodes outside the lung were ok, but the lymph nodes inside the lung were malignant...just a guess. It is better to have the nodes inside the lung malignant, rather than the mediastinal nodes be malignant. They do a full biopsy on your lung or lobe that was removed and come back to report if there were any malignant nodes in the lung.

Don M

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Hi kbroo2, I agree with Don....this could mean some of the lymph system inside the lung tested bad.

It might just be tissue along lymph channels running from tumor to adjacent nodes, or maybe they found some lymph fluid itself coming from the tumor to a node that was bad. But it sounds like it is contained inside the lung and probably inside the tissue section they removed.

I see you are thinking about chemo to clean up any renegade cells that might be left behind. This was tough decision for me, but was not as bad as I feared.

Keep us posted Kbroo2. I will be curious to find out for sure what it means. Barb

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IB - T2N0M0

Stage Ib means the tumor is greater than 3cm but no mediastinal lymph node involvement or metastasis

It is good to be stage I, because a resection can be done. How were the lymph nodes tested? PET, CT?

(Just read your profile, looks like they were tested during surgery)

Size alone is not a 100% accurate method of determining whether a lymph node contains cancer.

When the surgery is done I read a full lymph node disection should be done not just a sampling.

Depending on which side the tumor is, more lymph nodes can be reached.

The latest research seems to indicate adjuvant chemo.

I would guess chemo would be best for higher grade tumors.

From what I could find on pulmonary lymph node involvement - it seems to mean the N1 nodes which could mean

stage IIA not IB.

I am guessing that there were enlarged pulmonary nodes but they were not malignant

I would ask the Dr.

I am up in MD just north of DC. There are a lot of good hospitals around here. Makes it easier to get 2nd opinions

Take care

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