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Just found out that Dave Grant was called home to heaven at 3 o'clk this morning...God has just got a SWEETHEART of a man...right on Valentine's Day...Peace be with you Dave...He has helped me sooo much when I was first dx...I am very saddened at his passing....PamS.

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One of the originators... Dave was the first person to answer my post almost 4 years ago on this board. A career veteran who was admired by so many, and will now be missed dearly. He was truly an advocate for Lung Cancer research and devoted his last years to activism for a cure. After my first post, and it was full of fear, Dave answered and said, "Pull up to the keyboard and tell us all about it." He will be missed.


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I am so saddened to hear the news about Dave Grant. He certainly was a survivor and an incredible fighter.

He was the first person who helped me through Joels diagnoises on his site.

Bless him, heaven has received a gift.

Maryanne :cry:

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I "met" Dave Grant on another website support group which he moderated...the first time I ever posted, my mom had just been diagnosed and I was overwhelmed with the horrible statistics of SCLC, etc. Dave posted immediately and gave me hope...his attitude was unbelievable and although he spent half of his time very ill from treatment, etc, he made the most of the rest of his time. He was always saying things like, "It's not easy (the effects of treatment), but the alternative is not an option." He wanted to live his life and enjoy it, and he did, all the while providing support and hope to others. He was such a fighter. He beat this beast back for years.

God bless, Dave...

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