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Hi Everyone- I see by some of your posts that you are on the chemo drug gemzar, alone or in combination with some other drug. Was wondering what the results have been for you and if there has been any unfavoralbe side effects. Thanks for you time in answering. Carlton

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My husband had Gemzar by itself. He got the best result from the Gemzar. Taxotere was stopped because it didn't seem to be doing anything. The Gemzar killed one of his tumors, and shrunk the other considerably. He is now on Iressa.

I hope it works for you too!

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Hi Carlton,

I was on Gemzar and Carboplatin (9 rounds) from Dec 2002 thru March 2003. I was able to tolerate them very well with little side affects. However after I finished all my rounds the CAT scan showed the nodules grew larger. That particular combo was not successful. I started Taxol (9 rounds) in June 2003 thru August 2003. The Cat scan showed some nodules went away, some nodules grew smaller, and some new nodules developed. Which is a slight improvement. I opted for 6 more round starting in Sept 2003 and have 3 more rounds to go before my next CAT scan. Hope this helps you. Take care and God Bless.

Rich :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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I'm getting gemzar right now--am just over the halfway mark with gemzar and cisplatin. In total will be getting 3cisplatin and 9 gemzar. I have not had very many side effects from the gemzar. Don't feel so great for about 3 days and nothing tastes quite right, but I am taking the Zofran and not sick enough to miss work or anything else I want to do for that matter. I feel lucky though, even the cisplatin is not terrible with the anti-nausea medication...don't feel really myself for about a week, but that's about all.

I am a stage 1 person taking chemo to hopefully prevent recurrence. I'm sure that also makes a difference in my ability to tolerate these treatments. I hope this helps.....

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