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Six months


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Today has been six months since my Daddy died. I still miss him terribly. He comes to me almost nightly in dreams, though. :) I think that's his way of easing my pain. I was always and will forever be his "little" girl. I find it hard to go to the cemetery because I don't feel like he's there. He's looking down on me from Heaven making sure I'm taking care of my Mom. He made me promise him I would just two short weeks before he left this earth. The pain is not less than before, and I don't know how long it will be before it gets easier. It seems like just yesterday he was here.

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I feel for you hon. I remember that time and all I can say is that you will get on with your life eventually and that the pain doesn't go away completely, but for me, it became a shadow in my heart that pops up on sunny days or when a certain song is playing on the radio not only to remind me that my mom is gone, but to let me feel how much I loved her and how much she loved me. Sometimes it is so overpowering, and other times it's but a whisper in the wind. It never gets easier, just different. I hope that you find peace in your heart and contentment in the memories. Above all, give yourself time. Everyone heals differently and deals with grief in their own way and time.

Please know that we are here for you.


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