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Blonde & Beautiful


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A blonde travelling to Houston sees an empty seat in first class and moves to it. The stewardess tells her she can't change seats and must go back to economy. the blonde says 'I'm blonde I'm beautiful and I'm going to Houston first class. The second attendant tells her she didn't pay for first class and must return to economy. Same response 'I'm blonde, I'm beautiful and I'm going to Houston first class. They go to the cockpit & explain what's going on. The co-pilot says, I'll handle it. He goes to her and gets the same response. I'm blonde, I'm beautiful and I'm going to Houston first class. He returns to the cockpit & tells the pilot maybe they should have the police waiting for her when they land. The pilot says "no problem, I'll handle it. I've been married to a blonde for 15 years, I SPEAK BLONDE. He goes to her and whispers in her ear. She smiles, says 'Oh, so sorry" and returns to her seat in economy. Everyone wants to know what he said to make her move. He replies " I just told her first class wasn't going to Houston:"

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