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Tarceva is our prayer


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Just an update on my husband for all of you whom have been so great in support and research. My husband went to see the specialists yesterday. There had been talk of him perhaps qualifying for a clinical trial however because he has lost so much muscle and weight he does not qualify. He is still weak and on oxygen. To even give him an IV chemo at this point would be pushing things so the doctors perscribed him tarceva instead of taxotere. Yes - I am happy about this - I have been following some good tarceva response stories.....for awhile. I think it is boiling down to Tarceva being our only hope. If he can have some success with it as well as gain back 20lbs and some energy it will open some more doors for him. We will pray and hope for the best - that is all we can do now.

Thanks, Heather

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Heather .... they had a blurb on our local news station yesterday about Tarceva. The patient and her oncologist were both interviewed and she had received treatment with Tarceva only and had responded in a miraculous way. Against tradition she had opted to not have chemo or radiation. Best of luck and prayers for all of you.

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Heather, as you see so many people have had successes with it. I pray it works for your Gerald.

Please keep us posted on his progress. And know that we are always here for you. I know how hard this is on you. Hang strong!!


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