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My dad has lungcancer

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Hi all,

Day before yesterday my 85-year old dad got the diagnosis of lung cancer with mets to the ribs...

He is scheduled for a bone scan and the Doc's will try to recover some cancer cells from his ribs, via his esophagus...

I am heartbroken...

Anyone know what that test is called, the one where they try to scrape cells of ribs via the esophagus???

He is 85, he will not take chemo, but, what are the side effects of radiation to ribs??? (for pain)

Is it worth it???

He is in pain, but not horribly...

Sorry, I am sure this is disjointed, but so am I just now...

I lost a brother two years ago to cancer, my dad had lost his dad and all his siblings to cancer...

I hate this disease, but have loved all the people who got to deal with it...

More than any of them, I love my dad...

Thanks for listening.


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Hello Stormwatch and welcome

So sorry about your Dad but glad you have found this site.

I have no first hand knowledge that I can offer but wanted to welcome you and let you know that we are glad you are here.

I am sure there will be others along shortly that can and will offer you some advice and answers. Please keep us posted and let us know how else we can be of help.

My best to you and your Dad,


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I am not familiar with the effects of radiation (my husband only had chemo) but just wanted to say hi, welcome, sorry you have to be here and I am very sorry to hear about your dad's diagnosis. Cancer is so horrible. Do you know what kind of cancer your dad has (small cell, non small cell??).

My thoughts are with you!


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Hi again,

Thank you for your replies.

My dad saw the Lung specialist for the results of the tests he had done. The news is not good. In addition to spread to the rib, it has also spread to the adrenal gland and under and above the one lung.

Chemo is out of the question for him, but the Dr. is suggesting three weeks of daily radiation. This will be mostly palliative and get rid of the pain from the spread to the rib.

He has been told he will experience severe fatigue.

Any suggestions, anything he can start doing now to help? Any supplements etc...

He is a heart patient and also has diabetes. (Type 2)

I feel so torn, on the one hand I hope he will not have to suffer long, on the other, it is so hard to think of him no longer there...

I feel blaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I wish I lived closer to them so I could help, but unfortunately, that is not the case.

The Dr. thinks that considering his age, it could be at least a year yet, possibly longer.

Sorry this is such depressing news. :cry:


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I am so sorry about your news. Cancer is such a dreadful disease...noone deserves this. May you know peace during the upciming months of decisions, treatments, and wear and tear on both your dad's body with treatments, and your body with stress.

My dad had what was called a bronchoscopy. They went down his throat, clipped off a piece and tested it. This was fairly unpainful for dad. They sprayed some TERRIBLE tasting stuff into his throat that he remembers, but beyond that he only had a sore throat for a few days. He ate soft foods and did fine.

Radiation can be given for pain, for treatment of cancer, or other things. Take it one day at a time...keep us posted, and let us know what you need.


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My MIL is a year older than your father. She elected to have radiation only (no chemo) on her tumor and handled it well and is doing fine two years later. In older people cancer seems to grow slower so your dad may be fine for some time. I hope you can go visit him soon.

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Hello, Stormwatch:

Sorry to hear about your Dad. This lung cancer is a savage disease, and nobody deserves it!

Sending prayers that your Dad will get his treatments started and do well with them, and that you will hold up without too much stress.

I also hope and pray that the radiation will ease any pain or discomfort that he has.

Love and prayers


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Hi everyone,

Thank you all for your kind replies.

My dad has started radiation and will be getting 10 treatments.

Today he had the second one, and he says the pain seems to have increased a little.

I thought this might be caused by inflammation/swelling due to radiation, does that make sense?

I am grateful for this website, you seem like a wonderful bunch of people, and yes, cancer sux bigtime!!!


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