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Dad diagnosed with lungcancer


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Hi all,

Day before yesterday my 85-year old dad got the diagnosis of lung cancer with mets to the ribs...

He is scheduled for a bone scan and the Doc's will try to recover some cancer cells from his ribs, via his esophagus...

I am heartbroken...

Anyone know what that test is called, the one where they try to scrape cells of ribs via the esophagus???

He is 85, he will not take chemo, but, what are the side effects of radiation to ribs??? (for pain)

Is it worth it???

He is in pain, but not horribly...

Sorry, I am sure this is disjointed, but so am I just now...

I lost a brother two years ago to cancer, my dad had lost his dad and all his siblings to cancer...

I hate this disease, but have loved all the people who got to deal with it...

More than any of them, I love my dad...

Thanks for listening.


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So sorry for everything you are having to deal with now. I can not answer your questions about the radiation but I am sure someone here can give you some insight. I just wanted to say hello and that you are not alone and that I hope you can find the friendships you will make here comforting. Prayers are going up for you and your dad.

God Bless!!


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Sorry about your dad. My Mom (83 years old with stage 3 NSCLC) just completed 30 radiation treatments and 3 rounds of chemo. She tolerated the treatment remarkably well. TOward the end she developed some esophagitis (pain when she swallows sometime, and some times a "spasm" in her esophagus) nothing debilitating, and the meds she was given have helped a lot. SHe had no nausea or significant ratigue from the chemo.

She finished radiation last week, and her only real complaint now is the esophageal pain and fatigue (the fatigue has been pretty bad the last couple days) She is still able to work around the house, check email... but hasn't had the energy to get out and about with friends.

Honestly, I was amazed at how well her 83 year old body tolerated all this treatment.

I hope this helps, and I hopw things work out well for your dad


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ai'm sorry to hear of your father's diagnosis. Today's chemo is not all that difficult to deal with, so your dad may want to try it. He can always stop at any time.

As far as radiation, there is really no pain and the relief can be great. When I had pain, it was not the degree of the pain it was the constancy of it. The only problem I had was some fatigue, easily dealt with by napping. There can also be some problems with the esophagus based on where the radiation is hitting. For me, it was mild and presented as a little difficulty in swallowing. It only lasted a few days.

Best wishes to your Dad.


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