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No Scan Until April??????


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Hello Everyone,

My dad started Tarceva in January after his first scan showed things were stable after taking carbo/taxotere/avastin. He saw his oncologist today and was told that his next scan would not be until April. Is it me or does January to April sound like too long of a time not to have a scan? This has me a little nervous.



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"MLC"]My mom's Oncologist told her that once she was stable, she would have a monthly CXR and a CT scan every 3 months. I know it's so hard to wait. I'd have my poor claustrophobic mother in the cat scanner every week if I could! Shelley

:lol: That about sums it up for me. I'd have my dad scanned twice a month if allowed. My boyfriend says I am just a worrywart :roll: . I'm trying to get better. :wink:


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Tony's oncologist scans every three months come hell or high water. (PET and CAT) I argue with him, but somehow he always wins. :? Each Doc operates differently.

He drives me crazy because I'm also among the "I'd scan every month" crowd! :) Doc says we need to give the treatment time to do it's job. I guess...

Good luck with the wait.

Welthy (Debi)

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Hi Rochelle,

Every doctor is different on this one. When I was doing chemo, carbo/taxol/avastin, I had scans after every two cycles, which was every six weeks. When I went on avastin alone I had scans done after eight weeks, and after those showed stability my doctor still wants a CT scan of my chest in eight weeks, with additional scans done in three months. His feeling is that should the cancer start to progress, the sooner we catch it the better. I like him a lot.

I believe the three month schedule is standard so I don't think you should be too worried. However, as you've just started Tarceva I'm sure you want to know if it's working, and three months is a long time. I think I would definitely push for scans sooner, maybe eight weeks.

Good luck.


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