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Gamma Knife?


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For those of you who have had gamma knife, could you tell me a little about it? My mom called after her visit with the radiologist and she said something about having to screw something into her head? How painful is this or is just a brace or something. I am just assuming this is gamma-knife. When I asked her what they called it she didn't know. Didn't ask. She is having one brain met radiated is what I understand.

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Your mom's head has to be immobilized before they apply the gamma knife and the head frame is designed to do that. The frame is screwed into the skull and hold the head rigid. I have never had the procedure, but have read that while it is uncomfortable, it is doable.

Don M

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My Mom had gamma knife done in December.

Yes, they do screw a titanium frame to your head. Mom was conscious, but she doesn't have any memory of it being put on or taken off. She had to wear a bandage around her head for a few days that looked funny, but otherwise it wasn't a big deal. As I remember it, she did have a powerful headache when she first got home, but took something and it went away and she slept.

I was facscinated with the entire process, and was amazed at how smoothly everything went.

Hope this helps. Feel free to PM me for more info.

:) Kelly

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I had the "halo" on two occaisions. The only pain you might feel is the initial needle that sedates the area - and if the doctor is good at this, he masks that pain as well - but it is literally two seconds.

After the procedure, I had no pain, slept well and went out shopping the next day.

So, it looks scary, but was trivial for mr.

Good luck to your Mom.


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My mom had targeted radiation twice. The first time she had the "halo" which is described above. We had to be there to get it placed at 7am and they did not start the radiation procedure until 4pm. So, it was a long uncomfortable day with mom not being able to sit any way that was comfortable bc of the halo. It was numbed so it was not real painful for her but way uncomfortable. She also had a slight headache afterward bc of the halo. It was interesting thst the little pins that were placed left a permanent mark on each side of her head where they had been placed.

The 2nd time there was no halo and if I am not mistaken, it is then called cyberknife. I am not sure what determines whether you can have it with or without the halo, but you may want to ask the specialist.

Good luck!!!

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The "cyberknife" or SRS (stereotactic radiosurgery) is done with a molded mesh mask that's screwed to the table to immobilize the head which Mom, even with her extreme claustrophobia, could handle ok. The "gammaknife" is done with the halo.

I believe (though this may not be true) the only difference is how the treatment center is set up and which machine they're using.

Because Mom didn't have the pins used on the halo, she had very little discomfort from the procedure...and she's had it done three times with good results each time.

Much luck and many prayers for your mom!!

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