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inappropriate happiness

Don M

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I start prednisone this Monday and will take it for the 2 weeks prior to the date of my next scan. The object is to remove any inflammation if there is still some at my tumor site.

One of the side effects is "inappropriate happiness". I have to watch out for that. I am a sucker for inappropriate happiness.

If I still have a big glow at my next scan (March 12)then I probably have an active cancer and will go for cyberknife if the cancer is still local.

Don M

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Too funny. Now when is happiness inappropriate? As long as you don't display pleasure at an inappropriate time, I guess you could stay within the realms of political correctness.

This makes me think of my 90 year old Grandmother. She can say and do anything she wants. We all respect that, she's earned our respect and you have too. Enjoy your happiness Don and keep us posted on your various antics! :lol:

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