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Getting to Know You - February 22


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Ok, first, Tina if you are hooked ER why did you enter Everybody...... for the E TV show. LOL

Yes, I am hooked on too many. Praise the DVR.

I tape As the World Turns, Grey's A, Survivor, Amazing Race, Apprentice (not so good this year), Idol, Brothers and Sisters (great show). I am also addicted to House Hunters.

I know, tell me to get a life.

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I am often too embarrased to admit this but...I have been "hooked" on Days of Our Lives for more years than I care to mention. This soap is completely ricidulous but I just can't seem to miss it. Thanks goodness for my DVR...lol. In addition, I never miss Deal or No Deal. Love that show!!! When Dancing with the Stars is on, I always watch that. I have never been an American Idol fan but am watching this season, so I can have something to talk about at work.

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I only watch one show a week.. i guess I work too much.

Anyway.. come H*ll or highwater I never miss Nip/Tuck. I have never missed an episode.. I love it!

Although now it's on break so I've filled my one show per week with House. I really like that show too. I think Hugh Laurie is amazing.

I may have to watch them both this fall... :wink:

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Yo Ann,

I have been watching Days our Lives for maybe 30 years. But I just don't like these new writers with all these people leaving. I tape it everyday and use to watch it in the morning..... but with my new position with my job I don't have time in the morning anymore. But I read online to keep me up to date.

The shows we watch weekly.

Greys Ananamy


Heros (save the cheerleader, save the world)

Friday night lights.



Deal or no Deal- unless one of my other shows are on

American Idol- off and on

Seinfeld reruns (never watched the originals)

Desparate Housewives

Brothers & Sisters (one of my favorites, Sally Fields is great)

Boston Legal (Denny Crain)

I think that is it... :roll:

Maryane :wink:

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