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Elaine W update from kids Lydia and Mike


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Thank you all for your responses to my introduction. I've never used a message board before so bear with me while I learn. My mom Elaine W has had cognitive problems in the last few weeks, that's why you haven't heard from her.

My brother Mike and me (Lydia) have moved back in to make sure we can take excellent care of her. She finished her last radiation 2 days ago and the doctors are calling in "the hospice".

She's hardly needing any meds and is eating well so at this point we are putting off "the hospice" for a few days while I finish moving in.

Anyways, I need a hall pass until I can hook up my computer in my old room from when I was a little girl. Except now my mom is the little girl.

Namaste, Lydia W

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Your hall pass is granted. I moved your post to the update section also so more people would read about your mom and respond. Since you don't need hospice right now, take time to look at them all and pick one that fits you. All hospices are not created equal. They do prefer to be called before you need them so they can interview your mom and be ready so don't wait too long. I hope things go well.

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I am so sorry to hear the news about your mom. You ae wonderful childen to do what you are doing. Bless you.

My prayers are going out to you and you family for strength to get through this. Please know that we are here for you.

Please keep us updated.


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